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A couple of weeks after her underwater shoot, we had Elizabeth’s first ‘official’ senior shoot — a split session. It was just one of those days where it felt like we were finding good light everywhere we went.

She pretty much brought her closet with her so we had a wide range of versatile outfits, which is one of the keys to good variety in the images.  We started outside and worked around to find some good, edgy locations as well as some more natural locations that would complement some of the softer styles she brought.

Fitness was something Elizabeth wanted to incorporate in her senior portraits, so we shot some nice images of her in action in the studio once we wrapped up the outside portion. Did I mention this girl is also a state-champion hurdler for the Nicholas County Grizzlies? So you know we had to show that off in her images. We snapped a few photos inside and then took her hurdle out to street. Don’t panic… it was late and the traffic in town was really slow. Not to mention Officer Lawson, the town’s Chief of Police, was nice enough to turn on his lights for us (which doubled as a deterrent for any traffic that did come down the street).

After all that fun, we came back in to the studio to wrap up with cheerleading and a couple other casual outfits we wanted to shoot and then we finally let her go home. I won’t say what time Elizabeth and her mom left that night, but it was handy for her that she brought her pajamas with her.

By Howie
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A year after photographing her older brother Chase’s senior portraits, it’s Madison’s time to shine. We had been looking forward to this shoot. She’s doing the SEASONS session with us, which means she’ll another outdoor shoot in the fall in addition to her split session (half in-studio and half-on location).

We started off in the studio making sure to get some nice close-ups and get a good variety of outfits, all the while showcasing Madison’s versatility in front of the camera. Speaking of versatile, in one of the photos we posted below, she’s flashing a peace sign and in another she’s kickin’ some butt.

After we wrapped up the studio stuff, we moved outside to catch some good evening light and nail down one specific location that worked well with her dress (don’t hate that it’s a daisy print dress in front of sunflowers — they’re both flowers).

We’re anxiously awaiting the next shoot we’ll have with Madison. We’re planning some unique shots with her softball gear… not to mention the fact that she’s sure to bring it for the rest of her pictures as well.

By Howie
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We had the pleasure of working with Dallas for our first full senior session for the Class of 2015. He chose to go with the ‘You Pick’ outdoor session option and he decided to pick the family farm. What an awesome location it turned out to be for him. Everything a country boy could ask for: hills, dirt roads, a creek, dirt bike, four wheeler, tractor and most impressively, such an awesome barn with a three-hoop basketball court in the hay loft (my favorite spot). Dallas, who we learned along the way prefers to be called Cordell, but is referred to by his friends as “Bucky”, said his ideal shot would be something with him on a tractor so we were able to get that, along with pics with his truck and some with his hunting gear too.

By the end of his shoot we had all been a little bug-bitten, had sweated through the heat and I’d been splashed with water as he ran his four wheeler through the creek. As always, all was well worth it to get some nice shots and start the Class of 2015 on a high note.

By Howie
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Is it different? Yes. A little eerie? Okay, fair enough. But is it ridiculously awesome? You bet it is. And that’s why we did it.

Before attempting this shoot with Elizabeth, neither of us had attempted an underwater photo shoot. I knew I wanted to give it a try about a week ahead of this shoot, and started thinking of the look I’d want and how we might be able to achieve it with lighting, posing, etc.

My buddy Shane was nice enough to let me borrow his underwater camera, and I was beyond excited to give it a shot. However, the more and more checked it out, I realized I would not be able to get it to function with my lighting in the way I’d need it to, so I had to start searching online for an underwater housing that would fit one of my professional camera bodies. Within a few hours I found the one I would end up ordering, and just in time, it arrived the day of the shoot.

Erica and I met up with Elizabeth and her mom in the GoMart parking lot (why not), and they followed us a few miles until we pulled up behind MacKenzie, who led us out the road a little further to her aunt’s house (that’s where the pool is). After setting up lights, reading the directions to the camera housing and doing a paper test under water, we were ready to go! Realizing the pool was heated was icing on the cake for everyone involved (considering we would be in the water the majority of the time over the next four hours).

As we started shooting, Elizabeth was holding her breath like a pro and  swimming around like a mermaid in her Sherri Hill prom dress.  (We found out she had been watching videos of underwater shoots from America’s Next Top Model for tips).  She later told us that she NEVER goes under water without holding her nose, so this was a big challenge for her. She didn’t want to tell us before the shoot because she thought we might call it off.

FUNNY SIDE NOTE:  After the shoot was over and we were packing up equipment, Elizabeth got all excited and yelled, “A SHOOTING STAR!” My first thought was “Dang! I missed it.” But then, Elizabeth followed up by asking, “Do you see it?” and when I looked over she was pointing to the sky. “Wait, you still see it”, I asked. “Right there!” she said. At this point, I was amused. I told her she was looking at a satellite. She argued back that it was a shooting star and she had seen them before and that’s what they looked like. “I’m telling you… it’s a SATELLITE” I said in one last attempt to convince her. “Would you just let it go and make a wish already!?” she snapped back. At that point, there was nothing left to say. I just shook my head and made a wish on a satellite.